TimeScapes: 4K

TimeScapes is the world's first film to be made available for purchase in 4K resolution.

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What is 4K?

4K is a way of measuring movie resolution. K stands for Kilo, which means thousand. 4K footage is 4,096 pixels across.
It's sometimes referred to as 'Quad HD' because it has four times as much resolution as 1080p HD.
4K has aproximately 2700% more pixels than standard television, and 450% more than HDTV.

What's the big deal?

Resolution matters. Everything looks crisper, sharper, and better. When your eye can't see individual pixels, it's like you're looking out of a window.

What does it look like?

Click the images to your right (warning - large files!)
If it's not filling the whole screen many times, your browser might be reducing it to fit. Try to select View > Actual Size - or on a phone, just keep zooming in.

What is TimeScapes?

TimeScapes is the debut film from Tom Lowe, an award winning photographer who is renowned for his astro-photography and time-lapse photography. Watch the trailers, read the story.

How do I watch TimeScapes in 4K?

You can like our facebook and if we come to a theatre near you, we'll let you know.
If you want to watch at home, Sony and other manufacturers have released 4K home projectors, and every major TV manufacturer is about to release a 4K television. If you have a 4K home theatre, and specialist equipment for your computer (such as RAID hard drives and 4K video cards), you can buy TimeScapes 4K here.

What about my 30" computer monitor?

In another first, TimeScapes is available in 2650 x 1440 resolution, which is perfect for 30 or 27 inch monitors and iMacs.

What does it look like in 1080p HD?

It looks amazing. 1920 x 1080 is nothing to sneeze at, and is still the best quality to watch movies for the vast majority of people.
The Blu-ray and HD download versions are stunning.
Click to the right for examples.

Is TimeScapes on iTunes?

Yes, you can download and watch it directly on your iPad or AppleTV. Or even your iPhone.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy the movie here in all of the available resolutions, including DVD.

I like it!

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